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Focus Awards Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Customer Service (RQF)

£979 £179 Limited Time Offer
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Credits 28
TQT 280
GLH 200
Duration (fast-track) – 1 Week
Course Duration -3 Months
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The Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Customer Service (RQF) is an accredited and UK Ofqual regulated 100% online, competence-based qualification. This course is aimed at those learners who currently undertake a customer service role and recognises employment in the customer service sector. This NVQ Certificate in Customer Service aims to help learners develop customer service knowledge and provide learners with a basic understanding of managing day-to-day interactions with customers sensitively, respectfully, effectively and focusing on quality. You will learn how to ensure the delivery of excellent customer service, develop your communication skills to strengthen relationships and interactions with customers and colleagues, the principles that underpin outstanding customer care and develop and maintain vital transferable skills applicable in a range of industries and sectors. For more information or clarification, please contact our team for free and comprehensive advice.

Duration and Delivery

This Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Customer Service (RQF) course is designed to be completed online at the pace that suits you the best. This fast track NVQ Certificate in Customer Service Level 2 course can take as little as 1 month of full-time study or 6 months of part-time study to become a Certified Customer Service Professional. The customer service level 2 course is delivered through our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which refines your customer service skills. Our online tutor support is there to facilitate you to achieve your success rate accordingly.

Assessment and Verification

All units within this customer services (CS) qualification are internally assessed by our qualified assessors and externally verified by the awarding organisation. The assessment takes the form of written assignments, witness testimony and/or direct observation, detailed guidance for which will be provided by the tutor. You will receive tutor support once you are enrolled on our online portal to assist you in reaching your goals.


This is a thorough qualification of Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Customer Service course, which helps learners enhance their career profile. Successful completion of this 100% accredited online course enables learners to proceed to the following qualifications:

Unit Structure

Unit 1: Communicate effectively with customers

Unit 2: Communicate using customer service language

Unit 3: Follow the rules to deliver customer service

Unit 4: Deliver customer service using service partnerships

Unit 5: Resolve customer service problems

Unit 6: Support customer service improvements

How we deliver our courses?
Instalment Plan
Instalment PlanOption
Instalment per Month£49
Total Monthly Instalments4
Total Fee£196

*The instalment price may vary from the lump-sum price because of promotional offers. If you choose to pay by instalments, the lump-sum price won’t be relevant in any way.
Please be advised that you will need to pay all outstanding instalments before being eligible to claim your certification.

Quick Enquiry

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Entry Requirement

There are no specific entry requirements for this qualification. However, the learners must be 16 years or above to get themselves enrolled in this course.

Practical Requirement

The practical tasks of this course will be assessed in the workplace.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed mostly through written assignments. However, some tasks require submitting relevant work as evidence that you assessed learners in a classroom or training environment.

Useful knowledge/skills that you will learn on the course
You will be able to:
Reasons why we are different/special


The course is suitable for those currently working, returning to work or who wish to undertake a job and want to obtain a nationally recognized health and safety qualification.

The course requires 12 credit to be completed.
There is no time frame to complete the course. Most learners complete it within 1 week (fast track) to 3 months(full time).
Our courses are OFQUAL approved as we work with an approved awarding organisation called “Focus Awards”. This is a well-respected awarding organisation for education and training courses. This is the confirmation of their status-

Witness testimonies are classed as “supporting” evidence and provide additional information in the form of a statement of authentication from an occupationally competent individual who verifies all relevant details of a learner’s workplace activities and validates that the learner can conduct a skill or task. In some instances, the course requires the learner to demonstrate certain skills such as ‘Select mathematical language, communication and processing techniques to suit the audience’, which the learner cannot prove using a written evidence alone. Hence, an expert witness is tasked with providing a written record of the learner’s performance at the workplace, precisely describing the activity undertaken against targeted assessment criteria confirming if these have been followed in the work setting. Witness testimonies are compulsory in both the units, and this will be clearly stated in the relevant Assessment Brief. Moreover, it is to be noted that along with the witness testimony, pieces of evidence will be required to support it. Evidence should be relevant to the details that one has mentioned in the witness testimony.

Supporting pieces of evidence might include any presentation you prepared making good use of mathematics, any budgets you prepare for yourself, any tax calculations, or cognitive math test or pie charts (as you mentioned) that the witness testimony refers to.

It is not necessary to have a placement currently because witness testimony can also be provided by a colleague with whom you had worked in the past who could confirm that you had practised the required skills at your workplace.

No, you will be assessed by the coursework alone.

Please refer to our main FAQs section or Contact Us; we have experienced course advisers who will be happy to assist you!


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