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Fees Only Award

Fees Only Awards cover your tuition fee for the courses that you are applying for. For example, suppose a course has tuition fee of £600 and the awarding organisation fee is £90, making the course fee £690 in total. Our “Fees Only Award” will cover £600 and you will only have to pay £90.

24 Awards are available every year. This annual quota will be split into two Awards each month.

You will only be eligible for the award if all the following conditions are met:

  1.  You have never applied for any Award in the past from Britannia Training Centre, or any other member of Britannia Education Group.
  2.  You are currently unemployed, have been unemployed for at least one month, and are able to provide evidence of this when requested.
  3.  You are already in the teaching or related profession and have a basic understanding of the course that you want to study with us.
  4.  You must not be a current or ex-employee of Britannia Education Group. This includes freelancers and contractors.

Yes, you can. We pride ourselves to be a global provider of teaching courses. We do have learners from more than 10 different countries. Please feel free to apply for the Award regardless of your country of residence.

The only charge to pay is the awarding organisation fee. Below is the list of awarding organisation fees applicable to the range of our courses.

You are right. When paying for the course fee as usual, the awarding organisation fee is included in the course fee. However, this award does not cover the awarding organisation charges, hence why it is called the “fee’s only” award.
In other words, if you were to buy the course normally, we wouldn’t charge you anything extra for the awarding organisation registration and certification- it would be included in the course fee. In contrast to this, through the fee’s only award, the course fee will be waived, leaving only the registration and certification cost to be paid.

Applications received by the 25th of every calendar month will be considered for the Award for the following month. Admissions team will meet on the first Monday of every calendar month to decide who the successful applicant is. You will be notified either way, shortly after the meeting has taken place.

If your application is successful, you will be able to start the course within two working days.

Unfortunately, there is no right of appeal. The Award is discretionary in nature and only designated members of admissions team will have the right to determine the most deserving candidates.
In a limited number of cases, an unsuccessful applicant might be offered a further discounted price on the course. Again, this is not something that can be requested or appealed against.

Unfortunately not; you can only apply once, whether or not your application has been successful.

Great. Simply complete the below form and we will get back to you with a decision.

Fees Only Award

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